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Apr, 2014

5 African Pages on Google+ Doing It Right

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While a lot of brands and companies in the continent have ignored Google+, there are a few using the platform to boost their visibility and reach a different audience. Google+ has been taunted as a ghost town for quite a while now and as such continues to be ignored by a vast majority of the social media marketing pundits. In the meantime, there are those who are embracing it to further their marketing and mission goals. Here are 5 African pages on Google+, and not just on it but using it well.

Samsung East Africa

Samsung East Africa is a very interesting page that does a lot of promotional posts but still does it in a nice way. It even held a competition at the beginning of the year for Google Plussers to win a Samsung Galaxy Mega. Its posts include interesting facts about Samsung, the new Samsung Galaxy 5 and its features, other Samsung electronics besides phones and #ThrowbackThursday quips. All the same, queries go unanswered on the page. That could be better. The page has also owned the hashtag #TeamSamsung which is quite humanizing of them.

Samsung East AfricaSamsung East Africa Competition

The Wedding Company

This Nigerian page does exactly what it implies. From the cover photo to images shared on it, this page is your go-to place for all matters weddings. The Wedding Company is a bespoke wedding design and planning company founded by No Surprises Events, reads its tagline. The page posts regularly. Most of the posts are accompanied by appealing images which can be great at capturing attention especially with Google+ three column layout where posts with videos or photos are given prominence on the Home Stream. The Wedding Company’s posts are not mundane. They vary from day to day. From ‘This or That?’ posts to ‘Ask Aunti Ife’ questions, the page is alive. And you can be assured that it gets a significant level of engagement.

It also throws in promotional posts every now and then with amazing pictures of wedding designs of their own.

The Wedding Company Google+ PromotionThe Wedding Company Google+ Love

And I did not pick this because I am girl. :D

SDE – Standard Digital Entertainment

SDE delivers what Kenyans like in gossip and entertainment news and gathers quite a reasonable engagement. As expected, the posts are links to the Standard Digital Entertainment website. What makes it interesting is that it has embraced Google+ in a way that others haven’t, creating some significant buzz with appealing photos that get the fans clicking and talking. Its posts include Crazy Monday, Pulse and The Nairobian snippets. The posts are complete with hashtags which is a great way to get found on Google+ Explore and also keep a conversation going with sister companies like KTN.

Standard Digital Entertainment SDE Google+

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

This page is exactly what its title says. Its posts are quotes from the late Nelson Mandela, complete with the hashtag #LivingTheLegacy and beautiful images. Sharing a picture accompanied with words within it is a great strategy if you want your Google+ posts to appear in related searches for, in this case, Nelson Mandela. Creating a post that is not just an image makes sure that the post gets Google’s related hashtags that created automagically based on the content in your newly created posts.  Other posts include a walk down history with ‘on this day’ in Mandela’s life and links to events that celebrate Mandela. The page also participates in conversations that are beyond Mandela e.g. the recent South African Human Rights Day on March 21st.

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory


This is a South African page that helps people to find accommodation in the county. It also informs on events and places to visit during holiday in South Africa. As expected, the page utilizes a lot of photos of places to go uploaded in albums. The tone is quite fun with the admins even using first person in their conversations about their ‘discoveries’. By using hashtags like #gamereserves and #safari, the page gets found. What’s more, the page actually responds to queries from its visitors. It also posts interesting links and reshares posts from other Google+ pages that its followers could be interested in such as this.



I’d put Bata Kenya here because they are doing a great job but unfortunately they are running on a profile, and not a business page. Bad move!

There you have it. These are some of the African brands that have taken up Google+. While there is a lot to learn from them, there is still a lot more they can do. Take some tips from them and improve on your own page. You can get engagement more easily on Google+ today than on Facebook, especially if you have a global inclination. A great example is Where2Stay-SouthAfrica.com. Do you know of any African pages on Google+ doing it right? Is your page on Google+?

What do you think?