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5 More Reasons You Should Be on Google+

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Last time, we gave you three broad reasons why you should be on Google+. Just in case you are still sitting on the fence, here are five more.


Google+ has a lot of automatic stuff going on. From Auto Back-up for your photos on your Android to Auto Awesome that gives photos uploaded an interesting twist, everything looks a bit more awesome here. Auto-enhance improves your photos once you upload them by removing subtle hitches like red-eye. Oh, then there are automatic hashtags!

Sounds a bit creepy? I think it is pretty awesome but you can opt out of all of them if you want, you will just miss part of the fun.

Google Authorship

Do you blog or simply post content on several websites regularly? Well, this is the feature for you. Get your email address verified on your Google+ profile, then get it on the website or blog you contribute to and soon enough, you will have your Google authorship rich snippet showing up on Google search results. A byline, complete with a profile picture and the number of people who have you in circles can do a lot in grabbing a searcher’s attention and growing your industry authority. While Google has changed a lot of Authorship features of late, your picture will still show up if Google thinks “it will be useful to the user”.

What’s more, clicking on the byline leads the searcher to many more of your content on the topic searched.

Google+ Ripples

This is a great way to measure the reach of your public posts. Once you have posted and generated measurable engagement in terms of shares, you can click on the down arrow on the top right-hand of the post then select ‘View Ripples’. The page that opens up shows you the number of public and private shares. Public shares are displayed on the map, complete with a replay of how the post was shared. Find out more about Google+ Ripples.


Google+ (Photo credit)

The right hand space on Google Search Results… And Gmail

Ever noticed how you get a very detailed box, complete with recent posts and circles, on the right hand side of Google search when you search for brands like just a band? You too can get it for your company or for yourself. All you need to do is link your website to your page and vice versa. You do this by adding the URL to your Google+ page then embedding the code provided to your website.

There is also this display on Gmail. As long as you have a a Google+ profile connected to your Gmail address, it will always show on the mail you send to other people on Gmail. That is a great way to sell your brand at personal and business level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Believe or not, the easiest and fastest way to gain some SEO mileage today is being on Google+. Any post made on the site, provided it is public, is indexed just like any other webpage out there. As usual, it does not end there. The post will work best for you if it is meaningful and sparks engagement and reshares from your audience. Anyone who has you in circles will likely see relevant content by you in search results if they have personalized results turned on.

In addition, there are Google+ hashtags. Whether you add them or not, they can automagically appear on your post by picking what your post is about. So what’s the big deal? When people search a hashtag on Google, in addition to seeing the usual results, there are Google+ post on the right-hand side by anyone on Google+ who posted on the topic recently. That gives you instant additional visibility.

There is more to Google+ than the reasons above and I will be sure to let you in on more as days go by. Meanwhile, you should try out the Google+ experience today! Share with us your experience in the comment section below.


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