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5 Awesome Features on Google+ for Android

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Google+ on the Web is awesome, right? It gives you so much if you have mastered its ways. The Explore feature, Hangouts, amazing photo layouts especially when you zoom out to get that three column view. The bigger the better, right? Well, sometimes, small things are absolutely better! That is exactly what Google+ for Android is. It also makes your Web experience complete. Sample this:

Share Your Mood

You get to share your mood by selecting from options that change depending on seasons. For instance, if you are having a cold, you know which one to pick down here. Moods come with some default words as shown below but you can change them however. How about that? If you have been looking for the Mood option on the web version, stop. It is not available.

Google+ Moods

Auto Backup

All your photos taken on your Android devices are backed up to your Google+ provided you have allowed this to happen. You can set this to happen over Wi-Fi only if you are as data conscious as I am. What’s more awesome is what happens in the background after the photos are backed up, if you have photos that meet a certain criteria, they will be get some Auto Enhance or Auto Awesome and you will be notified once it is done! Also, the photos are private until you decide to share. All the photo editing features that we listed here are all available in the Photos app that is integrated onto Google+ for Android. The pictures on the stream look great too!

Google+ Photo Stream           Photo View

Google Now

This is for anyone who is not overly paranoid about Internet privacy. This feature integrated into your Google Search and Google+ provides you with personal information that will sometimes baffle you. It gives you cards with different information on different days. There is the Birthday Card to remind you of your friends’ birthdays (we all need that one). The Content Card that shows you updates to website you recently visited. The Research Topic Card that gives you information on a topic you searched. For instance, if you are a Gooner and keep Googling Arsenal, there will definitely be a card on Arsenal games. The Traffic Card that is generated based on your commute habits (yes, Google figures that out after a few days). The Weather Card and so much more.

Google Now        Google Now Traffic

There are many other cards all customized according to your Google and Google+ activity.

Google+ Hangouts

This brings your Google conversations to you on the go. If you want, you can make hangouts your default messaging app. The app groups people you hang out with often at the top and indicates who is online for you to strike a conversation. And just like on Web, you get group video chats for free.


Locations lets you see who is nearby on a map. Google+ allows you to share your current location with people according to your preference. You can choose a select few by placing them in one circle and your location will be shared across Google products such as Google+ and Google Now to them. You have to enable Location Sharing for Google to share your best available location.

You can share your pinpoint or city-level location. You can change who can see your location or completely turn off Location Sharing any time you want.

Location Sharing

Other features:

The related hashtags and comments on posts roll into view automatically.

When you accept an invite to an Event and attend, Party Mode allows you to instantly share photos you take from your phone to the Event so everyone can share in the moment.

You can still manage your company pages on mobile by selecting it on the left hand navigation menu.

See? And it keeps getting better!

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