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Doing Google+ Photos the Right Way

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Did you know you could do so much with your photos on Google+? Leave alone the Auto Awesome, Auto Enhance and Auto Backup functions. We are talking DIY editing which goes over and above the filtering that is available on, say, Instagram. Here are the features available to you:

Tune image

This feature lets you fix your pictures; adjust them based on your preferences until you feel they are just the way you want them. Options in this category are neutral, pop, lift, bleached, moody and dark all for you to pick one that tickles your fancy. And within each option, you can tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows and warmth of the photo.

Selective adjust

This lets you control the light in different parts of the image. At first it may seem a bit incomprehensible for one with no photo editing skills like me but the help function within lets you understand that picking a control point lets you change the characteristics of a part of the photo without altering with another.


As the name suggests, details is all about sharpening your photo. You can make it neutral, sharp, sharper, structure, structure+ and detailed all of which you can customize to please your eye!

Crop & Rotate

This one is pretty obvious since we do it all the time with all the selfies and photos even on Facebook. Only it has additional features. You can select the cropping ratio and rotate the image by clicking on it as opposed to entering an angle.

Black & White

Black and White

The tool has the tag “THE CLASSIC” at the top. And true to its promise, it turns your image into a different kind of black and white. Darken Sky is my favourite.

Center Focus

You know how you want find a photo where you were finally photogenic and then there’s a huge random crowd behind you? This is the feature that will sort you out. It lets you select the part of the photo you want to focus on and blur the rest out as much as you want.


This one plays on the brightness and darkness of your image. It may not be as dramatic as the tagline but it is something.


You have 23 frames to pick from and the leeway to adjust the size of each. Go!


This lets you blur your image in two ways; linear and circular. It lets you go on and adjust the size of the area you want to focus on and the transition into the blur. You can tilt the area to blur, hence the name.

linear blurcircular blur



This feature gives you six presets to work with to bring that cool vintage look into your photo. These are: Miles, Dizzy, Charlie, Ella, Dexter and Wes. You can adjust the style strength and the vignette (the way an image fades into its background without a clear-cut border) while at it. Who needs Photoshop at this rate?


This filter is all about that retro look. It adds different scratches, textures and light leaks to your photos to make them actually feel like they were taken right back in the past with a good ol’ Kodak camera.

Retrolux Google+


HDR Scape

This is a weeks-old addition. It gives your photo that surreal feel, almost like a painting. HDR stands for High-dynamic-range; a function that magnifies dynamic range of brightness than is possible with normal cameras. You can also zoom in once you edit if you are overly particular about edits messing up the pixels on your images.

While you are editing your photo, you can click on compare to see how your photo compares to the original one. If you don’t like it, you can revert.


Tough call

You have got to try these photo editing features out, even if just to keep the photos to yourself. And the new features keep coming. Meanwhile, subscribe to Google+ Photos on Youtube to learn how you can use these photo editing features to the maximum.


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