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Google+ Explore: A Hybrid Social Reader

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You might have noticed the new Explore tab on your Google+ homepage. That is the new update to Google+ that brings all your interests in one place. While Explore was still accessible via the What’s Hot option on the left hand popup bar, Google has made it more prominent now.

Clicking on the tab takes you to the Explore page where you are presented with categories and the option to explore a hashtag of your choice. Clicking a hashtag or entering your own opens up a page that shows more categories that are related to the selected one. On the right is content shared on Google+ with that particular hashtag. The What’s Hot feature is tucked up the Explore blue box. The trending topics are also found on this page.

Google+ Explore Page Google+ Explore Tab and Hashtags


When you think about it, Google+ Explore is a social reader that brings news and user-generated content right to your screen in a fashion almost similar to the popular Flipboard. Google+ Explore is available to everyone everywhere. Initially I didn’t think so since I did not have it myself. I expressed my frustrations on my Google+ and a few hours later, a nice Google guy instructed me to change my language to English (US) in my Google account settings. “So far this feature is only available in US/English. You should be able to try it if you set your language to English (US) in your Google account settings,” he wrote, quite promptly I must add.

How to access Google+ Explore

Quite helpful! :)

So if you are a stickler for British English like me, you will not see the Explore tab unless you change your language settings. You will have to access it via the What’s hot option on your popup bar. Let me hope it is available in English (UK) ASAP. Try Google+ Explore and discover people with similar interests while being in the loop on what is happening around the world on topics you care about. See you there! Note: If you do not want the What’s Hot and recommended posts showing up on your Home stream, you can opt out of it. Go to the What’s Hot page and click on the gear icon then uncheck the ‘Show post in the Home stream’ option. You’re good to go!

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