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May, 2014

Google+ Stories: Updates on Google+ for Android

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Have you heard of Google+ Stories? If you haven’t, no worries. Google+ Stories is a new feature on Android and Web (and iOS soon) that weaves your photos, videos and places you visit into beautiful travelogues. It sifts through all those photos and selfies you take in your travel, picks the best and puts them up into a visual story. Even better is that you can edit the story yourself by picking the photos and videos you like and editing descriptions. After this, you can share them with your circles and basically relive your moments.

To view a story, anyone with whom the story is shared clicks on the book icon at the top left of the post shared on Google+ and it opens into a visual story that is complete with dates and locations.

Google+ Stories

Another Auto Awesome feature is Google+ Movies which produces a video of your photos and videos with effects, transitions and a soundtrack!  

What do you need to get these features?

You need to have Auto Backup for your photos and videos. This uploads them to Google+ and the rest is up to Auto Awesome. When your story is ready, you get a notification. If you already had Auto Backup, chances are there are stories waiting for you already in your Photos section. Go check it out.

Google+ Stories came with the latest Google+ for Android update. The app update brought along some other cool new things too.

1. You know how you always wonder why your group photos and whatnot are not getting converted to Auto Awesome GIFs and mixes? Well, wonder no more. You can now create animated GIFs on demand. Tap the + button in Photos, select either Motion or Mix, select the photos you want in the collection and voila! it’s yours.

Google+ Motion and Mix on demand

2. The new navigation menu is now the one-stop place for you to pick Circle streams, Communities and trends on Explore. Photos, Locations and Events are at the bottom of the menu while search is right next to it. I don’t know about you but I kind of miss the left side bar that would toggle into sight on swiping. The menu does move out of the screen as you scroll down which gives the app a clean look.

Top Menu Google+

3. Total content views are now on Android. 

4. The new pencil icon for sharing stuff is pretty neat! Compare the two versions below. Spot the difference. :)

Old Google+ for Android     New Google+ for Android


Do you like the new Google+ for Android? Found some Google+ Stories ready for you? Tell us.


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