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Happy Birthday Google+!

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Some of us came in on invite. Some of us came in when we had no choice. Whichever way you came in, you were obviously trying to figure out Google+. Suffice to say, a lot of us still don’t get the social network. Some of us do and are spreading its goodness. Tomorrow, the 28th June 2014, Google+ turns 3. Cue the balloons and party horns!

Google+ was born on the 28th of June 2011, with Google dubbing it as the Google+ project. It was invite only and revolved around Circles, Sparks, Hangouts and mobile. Today, it has snowballed into more than a social network. 

3 years later, we have features added to the platform all the time. From amazing photo editing features and automatic stories and videos to features extending way beyond the Google+ space itself, it is no doubt that Google+ has changed the web 2.0 scene. If you are a brand, you have the chance to take your promotional posts beyond Google+ to thousands of websites with +Post Ads. As a blogger, you have Google authorship snippets, Google+ comments among others.

It is no wonder that Larry Page called it the social spine of Google. Pundits may insist that Google+ is dead but it is clearly not. Others have claimed that ignoring it on the ongoing Google I/O agenda is more proof, but the truth is it is not going anywhere any time soon. Google+ boasts millions of active users. Here’s a little bit of proof.

Top Social Media Platforms

More and more websites and apps and adding the Google+ login button but of course the focus has shifted from ‘Sign in with Google+’ button, to sign in with Google. Android is better with Google+, there’s no doubt about it. Think Google Now, Auto Backup, Recommendations on Google Play and so on.

In addition, Google+ is the most successful shot by Google at social networks. The infographic below lays it out for you (click to expand). The good, the bad, the history. For a 3-year-old, we can conclude that Google+ is doing pretty well, connecting you with people from across the world who share your interests. Happy birthday Google+! To many more!


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