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Mar, 2014

Leveraging Google+ Communities

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Google+ Communities are one of those one-stop shops you go to get expert advice and opinion on your interest while networking with people who share in your interests.

What Are Google+ Communities?

Google+ Communities are exactly that, communities where you meet and share with people only now it is online. More or less like a Facebook group. Some groups are open others require you to request to join pending an approval before becoming a member.

Open Google+ CommunityClosed Google+ Community

Once you join a community, you can choose to get notifications or not by hovering over the bell icon under the community’s profile photo. Communities are numerous and serve as places where Google Plussers go to discuss their trades and hobbies. You can create your own community and invite people to communities you join.

Cool Stuff You Can Do in Communities

You do not even have to go to the community page to post there, just pick the option on your post and it is posted across whatever circle or community you want it to go to. Sharing to a community means you cannot share to your circles at that exact time though. All the same, whatever you share in communities will appear on the Posts tab of your profile by default. You can change that.

Posts in communities are indexed by Google just as your other posts on Google+ so they get ranked on search. The best thing about it is that you get more exposure especially if the community is relevant and you posted relevant content.

You can create your own circle, write down rules, make it open, closed or private and even create categories within the group for people to post accordingly. You can mute a post or report as spam if you find posts that pass for spam and that go against community rules.

You can share a community to your circles if you think it will be great for them to join. You can even share a community to another community. :)

You can create an event for a community as a get-together in real life or even a Hangout.


At the time of posting this, there were 242,549 Google+ communities and the number keeps growing since they were launched over a year ago on 6 December 2012.

The most followed Google+ Community is Amazing Places to See with over 401,657 members currently. Member post photos of places from across the world and as expected it is very active with pictures coming in within minutes of each other.

Amazing Places to See Google+ Communitiessnapchat-android-beta - Google+ Communities

Photography, animals, technology, motion pictures and quotes dominate the popular communities on Google+. If you are a fan of a certain series, say, The Walking Dead, you will be sure to find many communities where users share their views, sketches, memes etc. about the series. If you are a geek, you are sorted. You are spoilt for choice. From Android to Python and HTML5 communities, you will learn so much everyday. If you are a marketer, there is a wealth of communities to find competitors and share your content without sounding spammy or intrusive.

Harness the power of Google+ Communities today!

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