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The Google+ Weekly Newsletter

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You can now keep up with the latest news on Google+ with the new Google+ Weekly Newsletter. While they have been newsletters in the past, this is a whole new series that was sent out for the first time on June 2, 2014. Every week, you get an update right in your inbox from Google if you subscribe to the newsletter. As of this week, we are at edition 3.

The Google+ Weekly Newsletter covers different topics depending on the week in question. For instance, on that first week, it was all about optimizing content for Google+ where Shot Science Basketball repurposes their video tutorials from YouTube into animated GIFs to drive up engagement on Google+. Google Plussers love some animated GIFs on their Home Stream.

Last week, the newsletter featured brand pages making their pages rock with stunning cover photos. Have a look at National Geographic’s cover photo for instance, and tell us if that will not prompt you to watch that programme on telly! This week, the update was all about the new Insights for Google+ pages which we will delve into soon. In a nutshell, Insights let you in on your page’s follower demographics by age, gender, and country and break down your page metrics by 7 days, last 30 days, and all time.

Another feature of the newsletter is the Coming soon to Google+ segment.

The newsletter is sent into your inbox every Tuesday. You can view it in totality within your email or you can open it in your browser. You can also download it as PDF for future reference. So subscribe to the Google+ Weekly Newsletter today and be in the know. You know what they say about not ignoring your competition. You shouldn’t.
Google+ Weekly Newsletter


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