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The Gmail Google+ Update: The Truth

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You have probably read about it, the update Google made to Gmail a week ago. Everyone is up in arms about it. Google is arm-twisting us to join Google+, right? Well, here is the truth. It is now possible for people who have you in circles to send you mail on Gmail, which was possible even before if you had also added them to circles. They still cannot see your email if you do not reply back. Here is the other truth. You can opt out very easily. Just do […]



Oct, 2013

Getting Started on Google+ for Individuals

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So now you have heard all this buzz about Google+ and you’re probably wondering where to start? This article offers a hand holding guide to opening a Google+ account as an individual, also referred to in this post as a Google+ Profile. This guide is broken down into 4 steps 1. Register on the Network To get started, you must either have a GMail account or create one (takes you less than 2 minutes to do so). If it’s your first time you should see a window like this. To […]