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Nov, 2014

10 Lessons from Our First Year of Blogging

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About a year ago, the first post went up on this blog. We are growing old! 44 posts later, it has been a terrific journey full of lessons. You know what they say about teaching; “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” Blogging is fun and it gets more fun when you see results. Here is what we have learnt about blogging at Belva Digital. 1. Write for your audience If you write with the audience in mind, thinking of what affects them and what they […]



May, 2014

3 Content Marketing Lessons from the Leaked New York Times Innovation Report

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Guess what? Even the biggest and most respected companies know they have gaps in their strategies in the digital age. That is what we found out this week, when the New York Times Innovation Report leaked to the world through BuzzFeed and Mashable. When you are on this side of the world, you always think about how far we have to go digitally. And so it is quite a comfort to know that even the best go through similar struggles. Here is one of the best content marketing case studies […]



Mar, 2014

Ignore Email Marketing at Your Own Risk

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Everyone is talking about social media marketing nowadays. You cannot ignore it, they say. You are bombarded with sponsored stories on Facebook everyday (those are going away soon by the way). When someone invites you to like a page, you are not even sure whether they are doing it because it is something they would want you to genuinely know about and try or it’s just because they need likes. Amidst this hullabaloo is the one thing that has existed before Facebook and Twitter and which nobody is really talking […]



Oct, 2013

Why Your Business Needs a Website

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Now more than ever people are going online to search for products and services. For a majority consumers, the buying cycle starts with an online search. Discover how creating a website for your business can attract prospects and retain your existing customers. Why? According to CCK data, 41% of Kenya’s population, that’s relatively more than 16 million, are online. This number is steadily growing and presents an opportunity for any business to target this group of people. More important questions to ask yourself is, are my customers online? What types […]