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Mar, 2014

Ignore Email Marketing at Your Own Risk

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Everyone is talking about social media marketing nowadays. You cannot ignore it, they say. You are bombarded with sponsored stories on Facebook everyday (those are going away soon by the way). When someone invites you to like a page, you are not even sure whether they are doing it because it is something they would want you to genuinely know about and try or it’s just because they need likes. Amidst this hullabaloo is the one thing that has existed before Facebook and Twitter and which nobody is really talking […]



Nov, 2013


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Email Campaigns to inform and convert BitPesa is a Kenyan startup offering remittance service for Kenyans living abroad. Their technology integrates bitcoin and M-Pesa, a prevalent mobile money wallet in Kenya. To help the customer understand this and more we set up an email campaign. It involved building a mailing list, designing templates, sending out the newsletter and tracking performance. The results have been impressive. An average of 40% open rate and 8.6% click through rate – against an industry benchmark of 19% and 1.6% respectively.