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Jul, 2014

Rethinking Online Advertising

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If you walked into a room of, at least, an Internet savvy audience and asked whether they find YouTube Ads annoying or have blocked Ads altogether from their web experience or tend to exit a website with too many banner Ads, you would be surprised (maybe not) by the number of people who raise their hands or nod in agreement. You don’t even need a room, just turn to your neighbor and do this quick survey. The results are the same, aren’t they? Why is this the case? Agencies, publishers […]



Apr, 2014

Why You Need to Rethink Social Sharing

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Think back to the last link you read and shared to someone. Where did you share it? Facebook? Twitter? Messenger? Email? WhatsApp? Now that you have answered that one, where are you most likely to share something interesting you find? If you think about it, there are very many articles and websites that you did not tweet or +1. You sent them directly to that one person who came to mind when you read the piece. Direct Traffic If you are a serious blogger or run a website that solely […]