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Oct, 2014

New Google+ Features: Hangouts App and Polls

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Yesterday, Google+ was awash with excitement about two new features: Hangouts app for Chrome and Google+ Polls. One lets you chat better on your desktop, the other lets you create polls and see what others think about anything. Hangouts Standalone App If you are an avid chatter on Gmail or Google+, you know how unsettling it can get to have to have an open tab to chat on Hangouts. Not any more! The new Hangouts app is available to you on Windows or Chrome OS machine and is available on […]


Happy Birthday Google+!

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Some of us came in on invite. Some of us came in when we had no choice. Whichever way you came in, you were obviously trying to figure out Google+. Suffice to say, a lot of us still don’t get the social network. Some of us do and are spreading its goodness. Tomorrow, the 28th June 2014, Google+ turns 3. Cue the balloons and party horns! Google+ was born on the 28th of June 2011, with Google dubbing it as the Google+ project. It was invite only and revolved around Circles, […]



May, 2014

10 Unique Google+ Features You Will Not Find Elsewhere

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The hype is yet to die out on the departure of Vic Gundotra. Some say Google+ is beginning to fizzle out. Some more believable folk say that Google has bigger fish to fry. Meanwhile, we are still loving Google+ and we will tell you what makes it stand out. They say it’s the small things that count right? Here are ten Google+ features that make it awesome. Things that you will not find on Twitter or Facebook. 1. Formatting Posts You can format your posts. Yes, that’s right. You can […]



Apr, 2014

What’s New on Google+

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What has changed since we last told you about Google+ updates? Quite a bit. You can be sure Google Plussers look out for these changes all the time, even when Google+ folks don’t announce them. What’s even more interesting is how some will go all out to test out features and give us the results. That is exactly what happened with the new link previews that that were rolled out last month. Link thumbnails are displayed in a bigger, better way on Web if your thumbnail is of a certain […]



Mar, 2014

Leveraging Google+ Communities

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Google+ Communities are one of those one-stop shops you go to get expert advice and opinion on your interest while networking with people who share in your interests. What Are Google+ Communities? Google+ Communities are exactly that, communities where you meet and share with people only now it is online. More or less like a Facebook group. Some groups are open others require you to request to join pending an approval before becoming a member. Once you join a community, you can choose to get notifications or not by hovering […]


5 Awesome Features on Google+ for Android

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Google+ on the Web is awesome, right? It gives you so much if you have mastered its ways. The Explore feature, Hangouts, amazing photo layouts especially when you zoom out to get that three column view. The bigger the better, right? Well, sometimes, small things are absolutely better! That is exactly what Google+ for Android is. It also makes your Web experience complete. Sample this: Share Your Mood You get to share your mood by selecting from options that change depending on seasons. For instance, if you are having a […]


Doing Google+ Photos the Right Way

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Did you know you could do so much with your photos on Google+? Leave alone the Auto Awesome, Auto Enhance and Auto Backup functions. We are talking DIY editing which goes over and above the filtering that is available on, say, Instagram. Here are the features available to you: Tune image This feature lets you fix your pictures; adjust them based on your preferences until you feel they are just the way you want them. Options in this category are neutral, pop, lift, bleached, moody and dark all for you […]


Google+ New Features

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Have you noticed something different on your Google+ Home Stream this week? We have! Here are a few new features on Google+: We cannot start without talking about the Auto Awesome hearts. If you post a photo of people kissing, you get it with animated hearts flying all over the photo. Like in this photo posted on the Google+ official page. How cool is that? You don’t even have to share it if you are not into PDA Happy Valentine’s Day! There are new links on pictures shared pointing to the […]


Google+ Explore: A Hybrid Social Reader

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You might have noticed the new Explore tab on your Google+ homepage. That is the new update to Google+ that brings all your interests in one place. While Explore was still accessible via the What’s Hot option on the left hand popup bar, Google has made it more prominent now. Clicking on the tab takes you to the Explore page where you are presented with categories and the option to explore a hashtag of your choice. Clicking a hashtag or entering your own opens up a page that shows more […]



Oct, 2013

Google+ Now Rolling Out Vanity URLs

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Early today Google started rolling out vanity URLs to almost everyone. I’m sure you probably already received an email asking you to claim yours. For instance, if your Google+ URL was something like plus.google.com/123456789 you should now be able to have a web address that’s more user friendly like plus.google.com/+YourName. It’s indeed good news as vanity URLs are no longer  a preserve of verified individuals and brands. The criteria for being able to claim your vanity URL is as below: The account must be at least 30 days old Has […]