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Google+ Explore: A Hybrid Social Reader

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You might have noticed the new Explore tab on your Google+ homepage. That is the new update to Google+ that brings all your interests in one place. While Explore was still accessible via the What’s Hot option on the left hand popup bar, Google has made it more prominent now. Clicking on the tab takes you to the Explore page where you are presented with categories and the option to explore a hashtag of your choice. Clicking a hashtag or entering your own opens up a page that shows more […]



Oct, 2013

Q&A app: Bringing more Interactivity to Hangouts

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Google has added a new app, Q&A, to Hangouts. The new app will allow viewers to ask questions during Hangouts, and the host then can select the question and respond in real-time. How it Works The Q&A app appears by default every time you initiate a Hangout on Air, and it remains inactive until the Hangout is broadcast live. Before broadcasting, the Hangout host is given the option to enable/disable the Q & A app. Once the Hangout is live, viewers see a prompt to “Ask a question”. Participants, on the […]