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Oct, 2014

New Google+ Features: Hangouts App and Polls

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Yesterday, Google+ was awash with excitement about two new features: Hangouts app for Chrome and Google+ Polls. One lets you chat better on your desktop, the other lets you create polls and see what others think about anything. Hangouts Standalone App If you are an avid chatter on Gmail or Google+, you know how unsettling it can get to have to have an open tab to chat on Hangouts. Not any more! The new Hangouts app is available to you on Windows or Chrome OS machine and is available on […]



May, 2014

Google+ Hangouts: The Low-down

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For many who are yet to indulge in the whole Google+ biz, Hangouts is synonymous to the Google+ experience. As expected then, Hangouts gets a lot of attention both from Googlers and Google Plussers. Hangouts updates happen quite a lot. Hangouts is the chat feature on Google+ that works across all devices, be it computer, Android or iOS. Sending multimedia is seamless while video calls, of which Hangouts is synonymous too, are a tap away. You can video call up to ten people at a time. You can also send […]