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May, 2014

Google+ Hangouts: The Low-down

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For many who are yet to indulge in the whole Google+ biz, Hangouts is synonymous to the Google+ experience. As expected then, Hangouts gets a lot of attention both from Googlers and Google Plussers. Hangouts updates happen quite a lot. Hangouts is the chat feature on Google+ that works across all devices, be it computer, Android or iOS. Sending multimedia is seamless while video calls, of which Hangouts is synonymous too, are a tap away. You can video call up to ten people at a time. You can also send […]


5 Awesome Features on Google+ for Android

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Google+ on the Web is awesome, right? It gives you so much if you have mastered its ways. The Explore feature, Hangouts, amazing photo layouts especially when you zoom out to get that three column view. The bigger the better, right? Well, sometimes, small things are absolutely better! That is exactly what Google+ for Android is. It also makes your Web experience complete. Sample this: Share Your Mood You get to share your mood by selecting from options that change depending on seasons. For instance, if you are having a […]



Oct, 2013

Discover Google+ Features

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Google plus is undoubtedly a feature rich platform. In its 2 years of existence, we’ve seen it steadily grow to attract over 300 million active users. Google confirms that active users are spending an average 12 minutes on the platform. What makes up for this outstanding stats? Amazing features? Well, I will let you answer that question by end of this blog post. Cutting to the chase, below are the Google+ Features for starters. 1. Multi-Column Home Stream Your stream comes with a choice between single column or multi-column design. […]