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Apr, 2014

5 African Pages on Google+ Doing It Right

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While a lot of brands and companies in the continent have ignored Google+, there are a few using the platform to boost their visibility and reach a different audience. Google+ has been taunted as a ghost town for quite a while now and as such continues to be ignored by a vast majority of the social media marketing pundits. In the meantime, there are those who are embracing it to further their marketing and mission goals. Here are 5 African pages on Google+, and not just on it but using […]



Mar, 2014

10 Interesting Facts About Kenyans and the World Wide Web

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Kenyans love the World Wide Web. Even late adopters are fully embracing it for answers and business solutions. As it turns 25 this year, here are some interesting facts about Kenya on the Web. 1. The most visited website is – you guessed it – Google. Kenyans just love finding out! Second site – you also guessed right – Facebook. Let’s just say Kenyans are pretty social folks. Third site; YouTube. Oh yes, we all love videos. Who needs TV anymore when you can catch your favorite show at your convenience? […]