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May, 2014

Google+ Stories: Updates on Google+ for Android

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Have you heard of Google+ Stories? If you haven’t, no worries. Google+ Stories is a new feature on Android and Web (and iOS soon) that weaves your photos, videos and places you visit into beautiful travelogues. It sifts through all those photos and selfies you take in your travel, picks the best and puts them up into a visual story. Even better is that you can edit the story yourself by picking the photos and videos you like and editing descriptions. After this, you can share them with your circles and basically […]



Apr, 2014

What’s New on Google+

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What has changed since we last told you about Google+ updates? Quite a bit. You can be sure Google Plussers look out for these changes all the time, even when Google+ folks don’t announce them. What’s even more interesting is how some will go all out to test out features and give us the results. That is exactly what happened with the new link previews that that were rolled out last month. Link thumbnails are displayed in a bigger, better way on Web if your thumbnail is of a certain […]


Doing Google+ Photos the Right Way

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Did you know you could do so much with your photos on Google+? Leave alone the Auto Awesome, Auto Enhance and Auto Backup functions. We are talking DIY editing which goes over and above the filtering that is available on, say, Instagram. Here are the features available to you: Tune image This feature lets you fix your pictures; adjust them based on your preferences until you feel they are just the way you want them. Options in this category are neutral, pop, lift, bleached, moody and dark all for you […]