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Mar, 2014

Why We Love Google Plus (And You Should, Too!)

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Allow me to presume Twitter and Facebook define your social comfort zone, and  Google Plus perhaps pushes your social boundaries, something that possibly doesn’t tickle your fancy. This piece, written when I’m most sober – on a Saturday afternoon, aims to weigh for you the alternatives and through a process of rationalization, convince you that Google Plus is indeed a good decision. Shall we? 1. Higher Google Search Ranking Social signals such as Facebook shares, Tweets, Pins and Google +1’s  are today a significant influence in who ranks above who. […]



Oct, 2013

Why Your Business Needs a Website

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Now more than ever people are going online to search for products and services. For a majority consumers, the buying cycle starts with an online search. Discover how creating a website for your business can attract prospects and retain your existing customers. Why? According to CCK data, 41% of Kenya’s population, that’s relatively more than 16 million, are online. This number is steadily growing and presents an opportunity for any business to target this group of people. More important questions to ask yourself is, are my customers online? What types […]