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May, 2014

3 Content Marketing Lessons from the Leaked New York Times Innovation Report

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Guess what? Even the biggest and most respected companies know they have gaps in their strategies in the digital age. That is what we found out this week, when the New York Times Innovation Report leaked to the world through BuzzFeed and Mashable. When you are on this side of the world, you always think about how far we have to go digitally. And so it is quite a comfort to know that even the best go through similar struggles. Here is one of the best content marketing case studies […]



Apr, 2014

How Google +Post Ads Are Revolutionizing Digital Advertising

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Have you heard about Google +Post ads yet? If you haven’t, you had better pay attention, because this is about to get really interesting. Forget about online advertising as you know it, +Post ads are changing that and they are now available to everyone. What is a +Post Ad? A +Post ad is a Google+ post transformed into a display ad that can run across the millions of sites that make up the Google Display Network. Transforming it is easy and clicks away from connecting to an audience beyond Google+. +Post […]