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Google+ New Features

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Have you noticed something different on your Google+ Home Stream this week? We have! Here are a few new features on Google+: We cannot start without talking about the Auto Awesome hearts. If you post a photo of people kissing, you get it with animated hearts flying all over the photo. Like in this photo posted on the Google+ official page. How cool is that? You don’t even have to share it if you are not into PDA Happy Valentine’s Day! There are new links on pictures shared pointing to the […]



Feb, 2014

To a Digital Valentine’s Day!

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Have you had enough of Valentine’s Day posts already? Do you love or hate the whole Valentine’s hullabaloo? Well, how about looking at the funny side of it? We went around the digital space and found this hilarious visual expressions of love that play with the metaphors of this digital space. You have got to love the Internet! In the spirit of keeping it digital, these pictures, memes and cards were spotted in various sites, including Pinterest which you should not ignore in this day and age. Enjoy! Google and […]