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The Gmail Google+ Update: The Truth

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You have probably read about it, the update Google made to Gmail a week ago. Everyone is up in arms about it. Google is arm-twisting us to join Google+, right?

Well, here is the truth. It is now possible for people who have you in circles to send you mail on Gmail, which was possible even before if you had also added them to circles. They still cannot see your email if you do not reply back.

Here is the other truth. You can opt out very easily. Just do this:

  • On your Gmail, click the Gear icon and select Settings.
  • Scroll to the “Email via Google+” section still under the “General” tab.
  • Choose any one of the following options: Anyone on Google+, Extended circles, Circles, No one
  • Click Save Changes and you’re good to go!

The reasoning behind the move was pretty noble, for the record. After all, you have to amass all your artillery to ensure your customers are served the best way you can, and that is what the brains at Google are doing.

Gmail and Google+

They look good together, right?

You have to earn the right to sell before you sell. Google has that. It can sell Google+ in all the sane ways it deems possible. And it lets you have the liberty to opt out of these features. It’s a free world.

Have a lovely weekend, won’t you?

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