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Feb, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Facebook Email Demise, Manchester United on Google+ Hangouts

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Here is a weekly wrap-up of what has been happening in the social media world, we always relish bringing you up to speed. A lot has happened on Facebook but the same cannot be said of Facebook email. Google+ on the other hand is hosting an interesting Hangout next month.

Facebook kills its email service

Hold up! Facebook had email? Exactly. Facebook is shutting it down because people have not been using it. Not really a shocker anyway. People tend to stick to what they know if it actually works as they expect it. Facebook had autocreated “@facebook.com” email addresses for all its users since 2010.

See who has posted

Announced weeks ago to start on February 20th, admins of pages can see who posted what from now on. I think this is a pretty cool feature, especially when there is a need to clarify why a post was put up the way it was and what can be done by the person responsible to prevent future occurrences. To fewer phone calls and heart attacks after that typo is detected. :)



Pages can now tag pages on Facebook

You know how you can see updates from other people you do not follow because a friend was tagged? Now a Page can tag a Page you like the same way and appear on your News Feed even if you don’t like it. There is a rationalization that the page tagged another because they are somewhat related and would therefore interest followers of the tagged page.

“Look Back” videos for the deceased

This week, Facebook also announced that it would make available “Look Back” videos of loved ones who have passed on to the bereaved, provided they were friends on Facebook. You may have made one for yourself around that time Facebook turned 10 recently. “Look Back” videos are personal movies for people comprised of the posts and photos they have shared over the years. This specific initiative to celebrate the life of a loved one was brought to life by a father in Missouri who requested Facebook to create a video for his late son. Facebook memorializes accounts after an account is reported as being of a deceased person with sufficient proof e.g. link to an obituary or news article. Requests for a “Look Back” video for a loved one who has passed on can be made on Facebook’s help page.

United and Google+ Front Row

This is a first. Football supporters around the world “will be streamed live onto the pitchside hoardings” via Google+ Hangouts in a partnership with Manchester United during the team’s clash with Liverpool on March 16. You can cheer the team (it really needs you) directly in this campaign that is dubbed to change the meaning of being a global fan forever. How to enter? Simply share a picture on Google+ (publicly) that shows your love for United with the hashtag #MUFrontRow! Let’s wait and see how that goes.

Anything important we might have missed? We invite you to share with us in the comment section below.

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