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May, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Facebook Video Metrics, Twitter Safety, Google Adwords

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Catch up on this week’s wrap-up, which includes new Facebook Audience Insights, Facebook Video Metrics, improvements to Twitter account safety, Google Now update and findings about Search Ads. It comes as no surprise that a lot of folk out there cannot tell apart organic results from paid results on Google Search.

Tighter Twitter Security

Twitter is rolling out a streamlined password reset experience and better identification and blocking of suspicious logins. With the reset experience, you choose the email address or phone number that you would like Twitter to send your reset information. On the improvement in blocking of suspicious login attempts, you will be asked a simple question about your account — something that only you know — to verify that your account is secure before granting access. We’ll also send you an email to let you know that we’ve detected unusual activity so you can update your password if need be.


Facebook Video Metrics

Video metrics are coming soon to Facebook. Currently, you can only see how many people started watching your video. More information will now be included with the new tool including unique video views and the average duration of the video view. These new metrics are designed to help you learn what’s resonating with people and determine how to more effectively create and promote your videos on Facebook. Perhaps YouTube has a real competitor now, or does it?


Facebook Audience Insights

This new tool is different from Facebook Page Insights. While the latter focusses on interactions with just your Page, Audience Insights will look at trends about your customers across Facebook. It is rolling out on within Ad Managers to help marketers “learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.” Audience Insights will help you aggregate anonymous information like household size, top Pages people like in different categories, how frequently your target audience is logging onto Facebook and past purchase behaviour.

Google Now Update

A quick introduction to Google Now. This is your very own personal assistant built in within Google Search on Android and iOS, comprising of cards that inform you about stuff that matters. Stuff like the weather, traffic, sports updates etc. This week, Google announced a Google Now card that shows you a product you have been searching for online and its availability when you are near a store that has it. It obviously does not work for us who are in developing countries but it sure does work for all you out there in the States and such. We will get there. :)


Findings: 36% of people can’t distinguish between paid and organic listing


According to a research by UX firm Bunnyfoot, 25 per cent respondents didn’t realize Google had any advertising on search. Additionally, 36 per cent couldn’t differentiate between paid and organic listing. Notably, 81 per cent clicked on PPC ads compared to organic results.

These findings and more necessitated Google to change the design, taking away the grey shading and clearly labelling each paid listing in a shade of yellow.


Has this changed your perception of Google Ads on search results? We wait to hear from you!

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