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Mar, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Facebook, Instagram and Google+ New Looks

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The week we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Web is coming to an end. So what went down across social networks? For one, Facebook brought more changes on board. You will begin to see a different look on Pages. Instagram for Android app is on version 5.1 now while Google+ updated the way links shared on the network appear. Here’s your weekly wrap-up:

Facebook Streamlined Pages

The new look pages began rolling out on desktop this week. Facebook believes the streamlined look will help both people looking for information and Page admins locating the tools they use most. The key features of the update include a timeline design that puts all the pages posts on the right hand column and new navigation options that ensure management tools are accessible no matter where you have scrolled on your page. For more information, check out the Facebook for Business News.


Facebook Premium Video Ads

Facebook also introduced Premium Video Ads that it was testing since December. A number of advertisers have been picked to introduce these ads which will carry “high-quality sight, sound and motion”. The videos will run for 15 seconds and will start playing without sound as you scroll down to it and stop if you scroll past. If you tap the video, it will open in full-screen view and turn on the sound. You will begin to see these ads over the coming months.

Instagram Android App Update

Instagram for Android got a major update this week with version 5.1. The changes create a faster app that is a result of a cut in the overall size of the app as Instagram states on its blog.

The visuals are simpler and design rearranged for easy access.

Google+ Link Share Thumbnails


Google+ has changed the way links appear when shared. Links now appear on the Home Stream with bigger thumbnails. However, this does not happen on all links. It all depends on how big the thumbnail within the link is. Titles are also more distinct.

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