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Apr, 2014

What’s New on Google+

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What has changed since we last told you about Google+ updates? Quite a bit. You can be sure Google Plussers look out for these changes all the time, even when Google+ folks don’t announce them. What’s even more interesting is how some will go all out to test out features and give us the results. That is exactly what happened with the new link previews that that were rolled out last month.

Google+ Update Link Preview

  1. Link thumbnails are displayed in a bigger, better way on Web if your thumbnail is of a certain size. You can preview what thumbnail goes up and even get rid of it altogether. The functionality has rolled out on the mobile version too but not on the app. The weekend after it was rolled out, it disappeared and Google Plussers were up in arms about it. Fortunately, the link previews came back the next week and we all breathed a sigh of relief. If you are a blogger or business, this means you need to use larger images in your posts. If you do not, the link you share on Google+ will look the same as before. We all know what that means for you, fewer clicks.
  2. Google+ now shows visitors to your profile or page the total number of views your content in general has received. Initially, this was just visible for photos. The +1s on pages are gone on Web but they are still present on the Android app. You can also turn off the feature by going to your settings page and unchecking the ‘Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed’ option.
  3. Community owners and moderators can now pin posts to communities, just like it’s done on Facebook groups. And we all know that gives a certain cause you have running on the community more prominence.
  4. A few other design changes here and there e.g. the notifications number has a circle around it. It had a square around it. Remember that? Probably not. It would take a very keen eye to notice that. You know that feeling you get when something is different on your screen but you don’t know what? That is what you would have felt.
  5. On April Fools’ Day, Google+ added David Hasselhoff to its Auto Awesome list. Dubbed #hoffsome, the celebrity would ‘photobomb’ group photos in a variety of hilarious ways. I know I got a lot of my photos photobombed. I guess we all did, we just didn’t share them.

What's New on Google+

Hope you are having some Google+ fun wherever you are. Keep it here for more Google+ goodness!


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